Destressing in a Stressed Out World, Part 1: Money Matters

There are only two guarantees life:

  • Being born
  • Meeting your end

I would use the old adage “Death and Taxes”, but I’ve noticed some have managed to circumnavigate the latter, so Birth and Death it is.

Now consider this- No matter what you do, who you become, or who you are, somewhere, someday, you will cease to exist. You will be gone forever. If you aren’t an Icon of sorts, a prolific serial killer, vicious dictator, or the founder of a country, chances are good that you will be forgotten shortly after being buried. Pretty heavy thought, right?

Now ask yourself this- What is my obituary going to say? Is it going to be two pages of gushing, loving descriptions of who you were?, or is it going to be short and impersonal? Granted, I try not to live my life by what my obituary might say, but given the fact I work in an industry with an above average mortality rate, I kinda have to take the approach that next call may be my last call. When I head into the great beyond, I want people to know I was a loving father, a hard worker and a happy person. Not the most miserable, unhappy stressed out mother fucker that forgot to stop and smell the roses and brushed aside what was truly important for money, material, status and bills.

So, what do we stress most about? I’m going go out on a limb here and say the all mighty dollar. Hell, we already know thats true, and we know that because of what people are willing to do for it. It seems like there is Never enough money. It feels like we need our lives to revolve around it. Here’s the truth about money

If you push aside the people you love to pursue money, then money has become the object of your affection and you will spend the rest of your life chasing it.

We have to have money. It is stressful knowing that your paycheck is spent 2 weeks before you get it. So, here is a couple pointers that even though will not cure your financial problems, they will set you up for successfully alleviating some of the stress

  • Budget

Take three months worth of bills, add each total amount together and divide it by three. That will give you the average for how much you need to put away to pay the bills. Do the same with your paychecks. If the total amount of your bills per month is greater then your take home pay, it’s time to scale back!

  • Cutback

Start looking at things you can live without- Cable, cell phone, shopping trips for unnecessary items, dining out, and if your finances are in that dire of shape you definitely need to consider downsizing. Remember this: Any cutback/s you make is temporary, and in some instances, you may realize you can live without, and, may not even want it! We went from being a dining out almost every night, to a home cooked meal family. Now, not only do we rarely eat out, we don’t miss it, and, rarely even think about it.

  • Contact Your Creditors

That’s right! Stop running from them and start working with them. It takes such a weight off your back when you at least know where you stand. Look at it this way: A friend owes you money, that friend has avoided you ever since you loaned them that $1,500 for rent. Then one day, they call you out of the blue, apologizing for taking so long, and they want to pay you back. Whats going to take precedence? The fact they haven’t called?, or, the fact they have your $1,500 that you really need right now? Now apply that same principle to your creditors. It feels a little nerve-racking at first, but when you find out they’re not going to take away your birthday or yell and scream at you, it gets way easier.

So, here is what I ask of you. Write your obituary as if you knew tomorrow was your last day, and try and write it from a perspective other than your own. What would people say about you? I would love to read it, so feel free to post it.

Secondly, get your finances in a row. In my former life I did book keeping, so I have a pretty solid grasp on budgeting. I’m more then happy to answer questions within my scope, this includes budgeting and saving, however, if you’re looking for investment advise please contact a financial advisor.

Lastly, let me know what stresses you out. Work? School? Family life? Everything because you’re used to living at a high stress level?


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Thank you for checking out my blog! As of December 2016, I decided to change my life completely. I was sick of being overweight, depressed, unhappy and exhausted; I was completely broken as a person. I decided to start taking steps to change it, and in some ways it was far more easy than I expected, and in other ways is was way harder than expected. Either way, I began a journey to make my life better, and now I’m hooked on that journey. I’ve lost over 60 lbs, and landed a great career. I’ve changed who I was as a person, both mentally and physically. A former fat-ass and desk jockey I’m now a full time Fire Fighter/EMT-IV/TT in beautiful Colorado. I believe your own mind is your worst enemy, and I’m on a journey in life to help people transform that. I’m a lover of good food and fitness. I believe in taking a very down to earth approach to everything in life; facts don’t care about feelings, but how you feel is how you’ll live. As of 01/11/2018, I became a brand new blogger, inspired by having absolutely nothing to do after the gym while on shift at the Fire Department. I am completely open to suggestions and constructive criticism. I currently reside in Colorado with my wife and kids.

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