New Year, New You? Enough of that BS.

Happy 2018! Make this the year that spring boards you through the rest of your life!

Every New Year, people like to “start over”, only to fall back into the same bad habits, the same old routine and the same life as the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the…. You get it.

The first two weeks after the new year is a nightmare for us gym rats, however, 2 weeks in, the gym just miraculously empties out. So, I believe the best starting point, is when one Starts at Stopping- Quit making empty resolutions and get it out of your head, that a new year means a new you. Take those resolutions and throw them in the garbage. Now, start to believe every morning is a new you, because it is! What do you do in the morning? Shit, shave shower? Drink coffee and skip breakfast? Wallow in the fact that you feel so drained? Ever thought that maybe it’s time to change your routine? Sleep crappy last night? Give yourself more energy! Turn the TV off an hour early. Drink less coffee, make some oatmeal, grab a protein shake, walk around your house. Get your heart going! You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel throughout the day if you get some cardio in during your morning routine.

Every day is a new chance to own your day, a new chance to turn your life around.

  • A new chance to break a bad habit.
  • A new chance to do that 100 sit-ups you’ve resolved to do the last 5 years and counting.
  • A new chance to pack a healthy lunch and avoid fast food.
  • A new chance to eat breakfast for the first time in a decade.
  • A new chance to call those creditors and start chipping away at debt.
  • A new chance to call an old friend.
  • A new chance to bury the hatchet.
  • A new chance to teach someone.
  • A new chance to be taught.

Today you’re going to take on the day with a whole variety of people- some will be healthy, but more will be those that will never change their routine. They will be grouchy, easily irritated. They will be full of complaints. Complaints about their job, the work they have to do, their friends, their weekend… When they try and sell you their issue of Today’s Issues, don’t buy it. Fire back, but don’t be an asshole. Tell them why your situations are different. Be a positive example to those around you. However, don’t be surprised when miserable people don’t buy what you’re selling. Miserable people want everyone to be at their level, so don’t be shocked when they fully resist being lifted up.

When you wake up, before you even get out of bed, say a prayer and tell yourself that you are hitting the ground a changed person. After your eyes adjust and you do a little morning stretch, hit hit that ground happy, running and changed. Wake up new. Then do it again day after tomorrow, and the day after that. Start by doing it for a week, then a month then a year. Then look back in a month, 3 months, 6 months and a year and see what miracles have transpired. See how much better things are because you took the steps to change your life, you started your own journey.

In closing, it’s crucial to remember the only promise you get every day, is the promise that you are one day closer to your expiration date. How things pan out between now and then, is 100% up to you.


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Thank you for checking out my blog! As of December 2016, I decided to change my life completely. I was sick of being overweight, depressed, unhappy and exhausted; I was completely broken as a person. I decided to start taking steps to change it, and in some ways it was far more easy than I expected, and in other ways is was way harder than expected. Either way, I began a journey to make my life better, and now I’m hooked on that journey. I’ve lost over 60 lbs, and landed a great career. I’ve changed who I was as a person, both mentally and physically. A former fat-ass and desk jockey I’m now a full time Fire Fighter/EMT-IV/TT in beautiful Colorado. I believe your own mind is your worst enemy, and I’m on a journey in life to help people transform that. I’m a lover of good food and fitness. I believe in taking a very down to earth approach to everything in life; facts don’t care about feelings, but how you feel is how you’ll live. As of 01/11/2018, I became a brand new blogger, inspired by having absolutely nothing to do after the gym while on shift at the Fire Department. I am completely open to suggestions and constructive criticism. I currently reside in Colorado with my wife and kids.

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